Thursday, 18 August 2011

Something a little self indulgent

Morrrrrning all!

Hope you are smiling wherever you are :-)
It is positively grotty outside today, WHERE ON EARTH has the summer gone? Good thing I'm off on my hols next week! he he!

Something a little self indulgent for today's post; Treasure Hunt Boy is the piece of brown bread (a nickname I have given him) and I am the sunflower (he calls me that as I have a big smiley face). I know he like this pic as I showed it to him a little while ago... I couldn't wait!!


Tonight I have the gorgeous Charles' birthday party; we're going for a meal and then doing Karaoke which I've not done since I was about 12... it should be interesting and super fun!! ha ha, get those ear plugs out!
Nanny xxxx


  1. That's impeccably cute! What a gorgeous picture!
    Have fun at karaoke! I'd pay a lot to watch certain people do the same! Take care.

  2. they looks so disturbingly happy.. (_ _)' brilliantly done though!! i'm always amazed by your use of colors. it seems so simple, and yet.. just turns out so impecable crisp n.. CUTE! x'//3 love your works! it always seems to put a smile on my face!<3