Monday, 22 August 2011


Howdy lovelies!

Hope you had a super duper weekend! I should be full of happy and smiles but I AM VERY GRUMPY today because I have misplaced my usb stick which I use for all my illustration stuff! GRRRRRRR!!!

This means I either have to buy a new one or hope that the old one turns up. GRRRRR!! On the plus side (and a massive reason to be happy): I AM OFF ON HOLIDAY tomorrow evening! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!! Just one and a half working days left and I'll be sunning myself on that beach! woo-hoooo! Now I just need to start packing... oh dear!

1 comment:

  1. Have a lovely holiday and hope you find your USB! They have a nasty knack of disappearing, don't they, as if they known how important they are. They elope with things like my rubber, my caluculator, the left shoe etcetera etcetera. Take care! Looking forward to hearing about the hollies.