Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hump Wednesday

Hello to you!

For those who don't know, it is called "Hump Wednesday" because Wednesday is the hump in the middle of a working week... it's all down hill and plain sailing from now on! ... from noon anyways!

SLEEP UPDATE: yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhssssss I managed to get a full 8 hours last night and switched off right away! YEAHHHH! Thanks for your tips once again! I had some bizarre old dreams though, one was about a prehistoric water creature that was swimming after me in my boat (I don't even own a boat). Said creature ate me in the end. Terrifying.

Yesterday I had the lovely Georgie come over to dinner. The main purpose of the evening was for her to come and admire my new kitchen (ha ha! she loved it!) but we also got chatting about my illustrative goings on. She asked me where I get my ideas from (no idea. they're just in my head, fighting for attention) and I promptly pulled out my sketchbook. She seemingly enjoyed looking through it claiming that actually some of the things I think are quite dark (who would've known eh?) but unique all the same. ANYWAY the whole purpose of this rather mundane story is that I thought I'd share some of my rough scribbles with you too!

Those of you who have been following for a while may well recognise some of the bits above. For those who haven't, feel free to go to my website (gallery page, click here) and do your best bird/train spotting impression but spot the illustrations instead.

Now to climb over that hump... byeeeeee! x


  1. Love seeing your thought process on paper :)

  2. I feel the Self Pity Squirrel could be a star...!

  3. Wow, it looks very impressive like that - like a super amount of work and effort. And yes, I do recognise some lovely little moments along our life together. Haha. I think one of the very first pictures I ever saw of yours was the 'OMG I really like your face' pizza. By the way, the sausage dog thinking 'OMG I left the oven on' caused me to enjoy and muffled chuckle into my elbow. Very sweeet. Take care.