Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Now for something a little bit French...


My French friend Bery contacted me last week (always lovely to hear from her!) asking if I'd do a little drawing to represent her... so here it is! (she speaks English beautifully btw!)

I can actually see her being the main character in a set of books! I wonder if she'd mind...?! My mother's first language was French so I in turn am sort of ok with speaking it. Perhaps this would be the perfect opportunity to improve upon it!

Nanny s-a xxx


  1. I love it!!! How about Bery Potter! You are very talented Mademoiselle!
    Thank you for that, means a lot!

  2. That is extremely cute. I love it when a friend or someone you know at least, looks like a characters, waltzed straight from a novel. It makes interactions with them so thrilling, and sort of immortalises them.

    French is the one language that I could be bothered to learn, for it has such a beautiful sound, and originates from a country I plan to spend some time in. I've been trying to find some electronic program to buy or download to begin learning, but it has been very difficult to find anything that 1. looks simple enough for a complete beginner like me 2. actually pronounces the words and 3. contains more than 'hello', 'I am in love with you' and 'what?'. They seem to be very stereotyped phrases!

    Take care.