Friday, 10 June 2011

4/5 isn't THAT bad!

Hello all :-)

YIP YIP YIP FRIDAY! It feels like I've been working for about 10 days straight, my actual "real" Graphic Design job has been way busier than usual and it's really taken it out of me... I must be getting old, he he.

Without further ado, here is the brand new illustration I have created for your eyeballs:

I feel like I have gone loopy as I've not been sleeping well this week. I just can't seem to switch off which sucks. I have been given some suggestions on how to solve said problem (a couple of them I can't post!) but if you guys have any other tips on how to easily visit the land of nodd: I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.

I have a busy-ish weekend ahead, here's hoping I don't fall asleep on anyone (I once fell asleep sat up at the dinner table. Not when I was a child mind, it was last year... oooh dear!).



  1. Hah, my nickname was Loop when I was at school!

    Dropping off tips... plentiful alcohol? Nah, kidding! Make a list, read a book for an hour (no tv just before bedtime), use some sleepy spray on your pillow (I have some lavender spray from Body Shop when it was on offer), write a to-do list for the next day (not a monster list with everything on it, just a 'tomorrow I will...' list), step away from the computer, open your window in your bedroom if its not nosiy outside...

    Phew. I didn't know I had so many tips in me!

    Have you seen A&A's wedding photos? There's one of half of Team Great looking pretty foxy! And a horrid one of me which has made me realise I need to change some stuff! But theyre lovely photos, especially the ones of Annas decorating details. Awwww...cute.

  2. I adore your illustration today, and I must admit that I am truly enamoured with your handwriting. It has such character! Very cute.

    Well, I'm not sure whether this helps everyone, but for me, if I am trying to put myself into a sleepy sort of state, I make sure that I have had a hot bath and have slipped into very cosy pyjamas, preferably with fluffy socks included, and drank (drunk, dranken uughh!) a nice, hot cup of tea (decaf or otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose). Then I might read for a bit, and snuggled into bed to type even, and then it's really only a matter of time before I can barely stay awake. Artificial heating zaps my energy completely, so if I'm near a heater, in a car with the heater on, or in a classroom with an reverse-cycle air conditioner, I'm immediately drowsy. It's like Beatrix Potter and her soporific lettuce for the Benjamin Bunny babies - heaters have a very soporific effect on me.

    Anyway, I hope that you have a wonderful night's sleep, and wake up feeling bushy-tailed as always tomorrow morning - after a sleep in, hey? Take care.