Monday, 16 January 2012


Hey all!

I had such a lovely time this weekend in Bournemouth celebrating THB and I's 6 month anniversary, I feel so warm and fuzzy inside! The downside to my weekend was that yesterday was also the 6 year anniversary of my beautiful Granny's passing :-( I was a mess on Friday but managed to stay positive and keep smiling all day yesterday. It's so weird that she's gone, I'm not sure how we've coped....

Anyway, I know Granny would adore the fact that I am creating artwork based on being in love! She was such an old romantic :-) Here's today's love-y based design:

Happy Monday :-D xxx

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  1. Yay, anniversaries! I wonder what it is for a 6 month anniversay (you know, like diamond anniversaries...)?

    Good news for me and Mr T), is that we won a competition to have a vintage-styled engagement shoot down in London town. How cool!!