Monday, 9 January 2012

First competition of the year!

Happy Monday everybody!

Hope your weekend was super, mine was pretty good! On Friday I stayed with a friend and she cooked Polish food for me (her Mum is from there). I've never had it before but it was incredibly nice, mmm!

So, I've decided to enter the extended "What is Love?" competition held by Tigerprint and here's my first entry. I think I'll submit 3 all in all unless I have any other ideas over the next few days! It's a little different from my other designs but I hope you like it all the same :-)

:-) more to follow tomorrow! xxxx


  1. Aww, I love your little ditties like this. Want want want!!

  2. I absolutely adore the style of this illustration! The text is so elegant and sweet and I love the colours, the bubbles, the crab, everything! It's simply gorgeous! I think that it's a very sweet and charming design, so I hope that you do well in the competition.