Friday, 20 January 2012

Lucky me :-)

Hey all!

So after a week of EVERYTHING breaking (my car, camera AND phone all went crazy) and generally feeling a bit sorry for myself, I decided to be a bit kinder to myself and just give myself a break! Sometimes we just have a bad week and I guess this was my week. But, as soon as I relaxed, things started to get better! My car was fixed FOR FREE, I got a full refund on my camera and my phone is now fixed and even better than before! It made me realise the problems I have are minute and I am actually very lucky indeed :-)

Have a spiffing weekend :-) toodles! Nanny xxxxx


  1. Good thinking! Its all perspective...

    Love the dice!

  2. Ah, I had a bad week like that last week too! I can sympathise! Hope things are much better this week! xxx