Thursday, 22 December 2011

Unwanted gifts?


Hope all is snowflakes and fairy dust with you! :-) Today I have mostly been winding myself down for the Christmas period by watching Crimbo films (MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL, YEY!) and listening to Christmas music: WOOP!

I created this today after hearing that approx £4 billion is spent on unwanted Christmas gifts each year in the UK; that's incredible! Perhaps we should just give each other cash or vouchers instead or donate the money to charity...

FYI: This will be my second to last post for this year; I'm going to miss blogging but it'll be nice to have a little break! xxxx


  1. Thank you Nanny for your reply, and again for your support and happiness this year. I've thoroughly enjoyed this year and I look forward to next for some more merriment and cuteness. Merry Christmas and have fun on New Years Eve!

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