Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Possibly the worst jokes ever written?

Hey hey,

Hope you're smiling today! I am! I've been busy again with lots of illustrating/making but also with BUYING GIFTS and DECORATING and GENERALLY SPREADING CHRISTMAS CHEER! I thought I'd give the Tigerprint competition another go seeing as I did quite well earlier this year! This time the competition is Make it a Cracker where you had to write a joke and motto/game/forfeit to go inside Christmas crackers. Here are a couple of mine, I'll post some more later if I feel brave enough! ha ha ha!

I'm not sure how well these terrible jokes will do but it was fun thinking up stuff and it was a nice way of getting back in touch with the team there.

Hope you're having a good week, Nanny xxxx
*Book Florist I am so glad you like the felt decorations from my last post! Oh and I adore Elf! I think it's on the tv this weekend in the UK... WOO-HOO!*

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  1. Oh yay! It was actually on TV in Australia last weekend, so I'm feeling freshly Christmasfied. It is definitely my favourite Christmas film!