Monday, 5 December 2011


Hey everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend :-) I had some friends over and we had a little Christmas celebration! There was a big roast (the first I've ever cooked! THB helped quite a lot; he was magnificent!), mince pies, mulled wine and gifts! We even went to a pantomime (which was hilariously awful) and watched Crimbo films :-) In fact, I felt so festive that I decided to make these decorations using cardboard and felt:

And my buddy Gemmy made this for me:

All four are currently hanging on our (fibre-optic) tree! It is fair to say I love the Christmas season, it's such a jolly time of year!

Is it madness that  I want to wear my Santa hat to work?

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  1. Oh!!!! They are impeccably, impeccably gorgeous! How personal and memorable! I love that!

    And I don't think it's at all mad to wear a Santa hat to work - in fact I am super excited to be allowed to wear one to my work, but everyone one thinks it's too soon to go crazy just yet. If I could, though, I would totally dress like Zooey Deschanel in the movie, 'Elf' every single day. She works as a Santa's helper in the children's section of the apartment store, and she wears the most Christmassy lovely costume. Google it! It's great!

    Anyway, take care!