Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pinch Punch, this is sure to be an exciting month!


How are all of you loverleeeee people?! This is my first blog post this week, I do apologise! I have been busy (urrrgh it took 3 days!) creating THIS ILLUSTRATED RECIPE for They Draw and Cook's current competition. I picked a recipe I thought was most fitting for my type of work but also something I thought would be Christmassy too :-) So here is my (3) King Salmon!

...and a close up!

Let's see how it does! I think at some point you can vote on it so I may be calling on your services! he he :-)

In other news, THE CARDS I ORDERED FROM MOO.COM have arrived!! I'm going to set up an online shop for them, woo-hoo!! I'm going to get some canvases and proper prints created too, I'll keep you posted :-) xxxx

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  1. Oh. My. God. I love the 'hoe' card so much it hurts. Amazeballs. I love your stuff, S-A!