Friday, 2 December 2011

NYE invites for Mummy!

Hey all!

I have had such a productive and HAPPY couple of days! Here is my news:
1. My illustration for They Draw and Cook's competition got accepted! Voting starts next week, woop!

2. A friend of mine kindly informed me the sausage design below is on the FRONT PAGE of CardCub's website, double woop!

3. I HAVE HAD TWO COMMISSION OFFERS! Tripppplllleee wooooop!
4. I have FOUR requests for my card packs ALREADY! QUADRUPLE AMAZING WOOOOOP!!

So I am understandably feeling very pleased with myself, YIP YIP YIP!

Scribbles today involved creating this for my Mum; we're having a NYE party round hers with the fancy dress theme of "black and white" (I will post a photo in the New Year of what I've decided to go as!). I've removed  the address and telephone numbers so do excuse the gaps!

It seemed only right to have a black(ish) cat dressed as a chef and a polar bear dressed as Zorro...!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'll try and post more regularly next week!
Nanny xxx

ps: AMAZEBALLS Lucy??! That made me wee my pants ;-)

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