Monday, 21 November 2011

Time to vote!

Hey you wonderful people!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are having a super Monday. I had such a tremendous weekend with my girls and got home at a reasonable time yesterday which meant THB and I could go for a walk around the lake behind my house. We saw a HERON just stood at the waters edge; we were only a few metres away but it didn't seem to mind us being there so we stayed for quite some time just looking at how beautiful it was :-)

Unfortunately today didn't start quite so well for me as I had to take my car to the garage (stupid warning light! grrr!) but everything was sorted after about 30mins so it worked out fine in the end!

Anyway, just wanted to send a quick note out there to say my tee design is up for voting, click here to vote! Thanks!

If you could check the box which says "notify if as a tee" that would be marvellous!
HAPPY MONDAY! :-) xxxx