Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Home is Best

Howdy folks!

Well November is under-way and there's no stopping it... This morning has flown past already but that could be partly due to watching films whilst I work... he he he ;-) I've created this today; it's for two friends (Treasure Hunt Boy's buddies, but hopefully mine too!) who have recently moved in together and are coming round for a yummy dinner (mustard stuffed chicken, crushed new potatoes and mangetout) tonight. I hope they don't see this post before I give this to them in greetings card form later, but if they do: CONGRATS GEMMA AND MARK! :-)

The colours have come out a little differently on here, printed they are more muted which looks super duper even if I do say so myself! Ha ha ha!
Lots of love,
Nanny xxx

1 comment:

  1. I think the colours are still lovely, but I'm sure that when they're more subtle they'll look just adorable. Love the music note and the feathers on top!