Friday, 17 May 2013

270th Post!

Hey all :-)

What a week it has been! I feel like I've been able to tick all the boxes in terms of what I always hope to achieve each week and so often fail to do. I've exercised, cooked, cleaned, seen family, caught up with several friends, celebrated 22 months of being together with THB, done some drawing, re-worked a drawing (see below!), found a new printer, sold lots of cards to a new supplier (!!! yippeeeeee!!!) AND secured some Graphic Design work! All on top of a busy week at actual work. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to fit it all in...

For all the new babies out there (including a special little man, Tyler, who I will be meeting on Sunday for the very first time!!!):

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :-) xxxx

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