Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Supplier :-)


I am quite tired but VERY JOLLY as I have been working extra hard to fit in illustration things around my already manic life. Last week I managed to tick off all the things I had on my TO DO LIST and it seems this week will be no different; YESSSSSS. I feel a little like I don't have much down time but it's worth it for the satisfaction of being on top with everythign else :-)

I've been revisiting a lot of work recently and trying to make it more sellable... in short, it means turning my everyday designs into designs for occasions; I need to think smarter and act smarter! With regards to acting smarter, I've found a new supplier and I'm (so far) incredibly impressed! I can't wait for my first batch of NEW PRINTS to come back from them! YIP YIP YIP!

Re-visited vegetables design:

Have a superb rest of the week! xxxx

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