Monday, 17 October 2011

I'm sleepy, how is it Monday already?

Good day to you all, how are you? Happy and smiley I hope!

I am pooped. I really tried to get lots of sleep this weekend but failed miserably! I had the lovely Gemmy come and stay with me on Saturday and went to bed rather late as we were chatting too much. Last night Treasure Hunt Boy and I stayed up stupidly late after an AMAZING dinner of home made lasagne as we watched both Independence Day (a modern classic?!!) followed by Stardust (I ADORE this film). I must get an early night tonight! I'm actually a little nervous as I'll be giving blood in a few hours; this will be my 8th time but I still get scared! ha ha ha! What a wally!

Today's pic is a little commercial but hopefully still rather jolly:

I'm going to try to post every day this week so I'LL CHAT MORE TOMORROW!
Lots of Love, Nanny xxx


  1. That sounds lovely, and I certainly don't blame you for being freaked out about giving blood. I would be too.

  2. wow....what a busy weekend....but sounds really fun times! Good luck with your week and i look forward to seeing your new posts each day (: