Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fourth post in four days: I'm on a roll!

Yip yip!

After weeks of feeling like I've not been giving as much attention to this blog as I would like: TA-DA! I'VE POSTED FOUR TIMES IN AS MANY DAYS! Ok, so it probably won't be the same next week but I'm proud that I've managed to stick to my target so far this week, yippppppeeeeeee!

What a cheeky insect :-)
Nanny xxxx

On a rather personal note (sorry, this may sound more like a diary entry), I am so happy at the moment. I recently found out something about an ex who really messed me up (I can't say too much but it appears he's gone backwards rather than improving himself personally) and it's just made me realise how far I've come and how I'm a far better person for all the negativity and sadness he made me feel. I wouldn't have said it at the time but now that I've healed and grown and have been lucky enough to meet someone (Treasure Hunt Boy!) so completely and utterly wonderful (in ways I never would have even imagined), it's all been completely worth it. I am so glad to be me. I feel so lucky :-) xxx


  1. Yeah! I am super happy for you, you tell the world how happy you are, I do.
    I have an ex like that. No better revenge than moving on and forgetting about them... especially if the new one is as amazing as mine - and your treasure boy sounds pretty great too :)

  2. Please try not to feel that your diary-like thoughts aren't interesting enough. I'm so pleased to hear that, and it's a great revelation to have, full of promise for goodness to come. I love it when you're cheery, but rest assured, I could put up with more moaning and groaning too, if you ever felt like complaining. We're here to accept it all and give a verbal hug. Take care.