Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday: Final Post!

Hello hello hello!

I just wanted to start this post with a big THANK YOU and virtual hugs and kisses to design jessica and the book florist for their kind comments yesterday; it's so nice to feel supported. I don't want to come across as self indulgent on my blog but long time readers will know that I use this as a bit of therapy as well as a place to share my scribbles. I guess I just wanted to physically type the fact that I am so relieved to be feeling strong again and like I have so much more to show for the tears I shed and pain I went through. The whole experience has clarified so many things for me, it's like I know myself better than I ever could before. Yey! :-)

So, design jessica and the book florist; this is for you :-)

Have a wonderful weekend :-)
Nanny s-a xxx


  1. Ha ha! I was worried that you would think I was stalking you as I comment on your blog posts A LOT! It's just so easy to, you send such happy vibes, keep it up please :) I like a bit of romance.

    Thank you for the happy ruler dude, I have stuck him on my wall.
    Jess x

  2. Oh, thankyou. And you're very welcome. I'm very aware that to some people it will sound weird, because I don't actually personally know you, but I still feel proud and happy inside that you're feeling that now. I think the people I've become acquainted with through following blogs and writing my own have been amazing, and you are definitely one of the sweetest. I still get thrills of delight when people do and say lovely things, and I still get excited and sad for them. So thankyou again and I'm glad you're reaping in a little bit of blogger love.

  3. nanny s-a, you have such a delightful blog! I found yours through The Book Florist's and I think it is so cute and adorable. I'm gonna be following now. :) Are these all your drawings? They are fantastic!