Thursday, 9 February 2012

Even more love for Thursday


Awww, aren't you lot sweet?!! I'm glad my slushy, loved up post from yesterday didn't make you feel pukey! Ha ha! It's simply marvellous that you're pleased for me too, thank you :-)

This feels a little different from my usual artwork but I felt like it had to come out of my head so er... here it is!
Until tomorrow, Nanny xxx
* Design Jessica don't worry petal! I tell THB EVERY SINGLE DAY how much he means to me and how he's helped me be a better version of my old self :-) yey yey yey! I'm an old romantic, nice to know you are too! xxx *

1 comment:

  1. I still love it! Your style of writing and your style in colours and patterns is so individual and beautiful. I don't think that you have ever done an illustration that wasn't perfect YOU. And by the way, I'm enjoying the romantic flavour of the drawings. Take care!