Wednesday, 8 February 2012

3rd post for the week!

Hurrah and helloooooo!

This is my third post this week, it always makes me happy when I post lots :-D I am super happy in general as things with Treasure Hunt Boy are going incredibly well; this is a bit slushy but last night I couldn't sleep as I just kept thinking about how much I love him :-) ha ha ha! I am so sleepy today! As we all know Valentines Day is coming up. It's the first one where I've felt 100% about everything, I am so grateful and thankful for that.

Nanny xxx


  1. Check you out smitten - Very happy for you and glad you're feeling back to your happy self. Make sure you tell him this

  2. I do feel very happy for you and your certainty. Even I am breaking out a little more and sending some roses to a certain someone...! I hope that you have a wonderful and romantic Valentines!