Friday, 13 April 2012



Last Friday I spent the day with THB in the garden clearing out the dead bits, mowing the lawn, tidying up and PLANTING NEW THINGS! I love being in the garden (perhaps the bottle of Prosecco helped) and I'm quite proud of what we've achieved. The part I love most about gardening (if you haven't already guessed) is sowing seeds and planting the young seedlings out. We cheated a bit as we put the seed pots in the conservatory but I just have to tell you: OUR SEEDS ARE ALREADY GROWING! This makes me so happy!! It inspired this, hope you likey!

:-) yey! seeeeeeeeeeeeddddsssssssssssssss!!! I'm hoping to plant more but I need to find the room first... I'm sure the conservatory will be like a jungle soon :-)

Anyways, not sure if I've mentioned this already here but I've just joined A Fresh Bunch! How exciting, TWO agencies in the space of a month! Wish me luck!

Hope you have a great weekend all, lots of love: ME XXXX

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