Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday's cat is annoyingly furry...

Happy Tuesday to you! How are things?

I've had a very good day so far; I've heard from lots of friends, had an unexpected but MOST WELCOME wedding invite (TTHHHHHAAANNNKKKKKSSSS LUCY!!) AAAAAANNNNND I managed to get this naughty fellow posted today (as promised) which makes me very happy indeed. I adore cats but even I have to admit that their fur is rather annoying!!!

So my cousin liked her birthday picture last night, woop-pea!!! She declared, "don't worry, I get it!" when she saw it, PHEW! ha ha ha! :-)

more madness will follow tomorrow! Nanny s-a xxxx


  1. ...there will be a proper invite later, I promise!

  2. omigaawhd. that's a creepy cat. x'DD but i sincerely think it's true- they do indeed like black clothes better than any other color to sleep on.