Monday, 19 September 2011


WELL HELLOOOOOO THERE!! I hope you're all happy and smiling wherever you are :-)

I do sincerely apologise for my lack of contact over the past few weeks, I have been away from home/studio and unable to draw anything let alone work it up ready for posting: BOO.

Today's post is mainly for my little cousin Éloise as it's her 8th birthday. I've printed a copy of this and I'll be dropping it round to her with some birthday treats tonight :-) As I'm here and you're reading (ha ha ha), I'd like to also wish my Daddy a hap-pea birthday again for Saturday (we went to a theme park) and also to my Granny who sadly passed away 5 years ago but still remains a VERY large part of my life (it would've been her 77th birthday yesterday; hope you had a wonderful day Gnu, I wish we could've spent it together). 

I am very happy today as I've just checked my facebook and I've reached 100 LIKERS!! WOWZERS!! I couldn't be happier to have so many people joining in on what I do. I know I say it probably far too often but THANK YOU ALL for reading and (hopefully!) enjoying :-D

Sorry again for the lack of doodles, I'm aiming to post something every day this working week for you all... I best get scribbling!

So, until tomorrow!
Nanny xxx

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